Monday, November 17, 2014


I'm still getting used to taking pictures throughout the day so you'll have to hang in there with me.  There has been quite a bit of 'damn, should have gotten a picture of that.  Oh well...'
We decided to head downtown this past Saturday since there were a few different festivals going on in the area.  We stopped by The Coffee Fox first to get some energy for our afternoon of walking ahead.  They may not have my beloved Foxy Loxy tacos but they make a seriously good iced horchata latte down there.  I had a second while waiting for my coffee to get some shots of the awesome wall and coffee growlers they have for sale.  Sadly I drank my latte too quickly to get any pictures, but I assure you it was beautiful.  Wes decided to prepare for my impending energy boost in his own way so he had a Terrapin Pumpkinfest.  I'm easier to handle after you have a drink or two in you.
After grabbing coffee, we walked up Broughton to take the long way around to the Telfair Art Fair and checked out this awesome new shop on West Broughton called The Ancient Olive.  Those people are very big on samples, I'll tell you that much.  We tried a few different sauces and oils and then found this amazing chipotle olive oil.  They had a ton of size options and we decided to get a little 200 ml to try out.  After making roasted chiptole potatoes and vidalia onions for dinner tonight, I realized I should have gone bigger.  I will definitely be posting a recipe for that tomorrow and the link to The Ancient Olive's site is up above so you can pick out your own goodies that they ship!  Before you ask, yes, I will gladly go sample anything for you if you're not in Savannah.  
 We had a great time checking out all of the booths a the Telfair Art Fair.  There were so many talented artists and so many beautiful things to dream about having in our apartment!  I fell in love with this artist from Ashville, NC (that's her in the corner.  I promise she was much more enthusiastic than she looks in this picture).  We talked with her a bit about the whole process she uses to make these amazing jellyfish.  They're all porcelain and each tentacle is connected separately so they move around somewhat like a chime.  
We spent about an hour meandering around before heading over to the Savannah Food and Wine Festival.  The picture of the Kress building below is the last picture I took before walking into the mob that is the Food and Wine Fest.  We did one quick lap and decided to head home.  It was just a bit too crowded to actually enjoy.
We had a pretty mellow weekend other than that outing.  Unfortunately I had to watch the Celtics lose to the Cavs, the Eagles lose to the Packers, AND the Browns lose to the Texans (new addition to my team roster, but you've got to team up in our household to avoid bitter rivalries.  I teamed up to become a newly inducted member of the ever-hopeful Browns fan world).  After all of the loss I was fine with having a mellow weekend.  


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