Sunday, November 30, 2014


I know I had posted on my mom's birthday to wish her a happy one, however she was in St. John for the actual birthday so we weren't able to celebrate with here in person.  We decided on a family dinner up at their house when she got home.  My mother is one of those people that doesn't really want gifts that you can go out and buy.  She much prefers something from the heart that she can hold onto for years to come.  This year was no different.  Mom had asked that Ali and I write a few new memories to put in her memory jar - another gift from another year that she keeps asking us to add to.  I didn't much like the idea of just adding on to an older gift so I got to work on a different birthday idea that would be sure to make her cry. 
Not to stray too far away from the memory idea, I decided to enlist those around Mom to help bring together a ton of memories from different people.  All together I think we had 45 different submissions for her to read over.  I had them typed up on some simple stationary and stuffed in envelopes for her to hold onto.
In addition to Ali and I working tirelessly for a month to get the letters together, we planned to have Ali and John come down for the actual celebration as another surprise.  Ali is extremely busy with law school, so it was no news to mom that she "wouldn't be able to make it" for the weekend. We planned out a nice dinner of filet, vichyssoise, and bananas foster since those are some of Mom's favorites, and set out to surprise her with her eldest daughter and one super awesome birthday present.  
Below are some shots of us reading the letters to Mom.  There was an abundance of laughter as well as a few happy tears reading through everything.  Reading what these people had to say about our mother throughout her years was really something great to be a part of.  And for the record, I really don't see how she thought I was trouble as a kid.  She was a total nightmare!
I didn't get a chance to get any photos of dinner or the always mortifying Cards Against Humanity, but we've all got those memories painted in our heads.  I'll leave you with some photos that give a tiny glimpse into one amazing woman's life...


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