Sunday, November 30, 2014


This year marks Wes and my second Thanksgiving together and our first Thanksgiving cooking everything on our own.  We decided to stay in Savannah for the holiday and give it a shot.  I love cooking.  I love Thanksgiving.  I now know that I love cooking for Thanksgiving!
I must quickly say that I also love HomeGoods.  I realized while at work Wednesday I would  need to pick up some serving dishes for Thanksgiving dinner.  I found everything that I needed and it was all so inexpensive!  I truly believe that a way to a girls heart is through a massive octopus bowl, so they did well.  Accidentally left out the platter for the duck, but you'll see it below.  Now, back to food.
Beginning to plan our first Thanksgiving and realizing that we only have to make the foods that we love and nothing more has to be the human equivalent of a puppy realizing that even when he eats your shoes you will still love him.  Queue the deviled eggs.  Now being that this was my first Thanksgiving taking over the kitchen, I didn't have all of the time I wanted to take pictures of everything I was cooking as I cooked it.  You will have to just enjoy the pictures of the feast at the (coffee) table.  Our menu broke down as:

Sweet roasted duck breast
Garlic and onion mashed potatoes
Homemade gravy
Cranberry sauce (obviously the good can shaped kind)
Dinner rolls
Pumpkin pie
Side note: I really wanted brussels sprouts, however everyone was sold out.  I guess I will have to get over the fact that there are no greens at our table this year.  That'll be tough...
I handled the eggs and potatoes on Wednesday night and left everything else for the day of.  I was even able to deep clean the house while cooking!  This may not sound like too much fun to some, but to me that is the idea of heaven.  
Everything turned out extremely well.  Never having cooked duck before, Wes and I were very proud of ourselves.  I gave the pie enough time to set up and taste great, and I finally perfected a homemade gravy when my protein won't allow for a pan gravy.  In the end, I would call the first Thanksgiving in our home a complete and utter success.  See below for proof.*
*models in this photo may not actually be sleeping.  They may have been asked to pose for the shot.


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