Sunday, November 16, 2014


Something I take great pride in is the fact that my sister and I are very big on taking care of our own.  We look out for each other.  We look out for the ones we love.  That's something that our mother taught us.  Not a sit down conversation or anything like that, but something that we learned from watching her.  If you ask any of Kate's friends or family what they love about her you will hear from all of them how loyal she is.  She goes to bat for people when they might not have the strength to go to bat for themselves.  I just wanted to take a minute today, on my dear mother's birthday, to thank her for instilling that in Ali and me, for teaching us so much over the years and molding us into the very strong and very dysfunctional women we are today.  
I love you with everything I have and I am lucky to have you, not only as the best mom, but also as the best friend anyone could ask for.  I hope you are having a wonderful birthday vacation and I cannot wait to celebrate with you when you get home.  Happy birthday Mom!


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