Tuesday, January 13, 2015


 "It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will when you can't help it."
                                     - Oscar Wilde
Some of the wonderful gifts I got this year from family and friends were books that I have been wanting to read.  I thought I would let you guys in on what I have been reading and loving lately.  From cooking amazing Italian food to getting inside the brain of the one and only Questlove, here is a list of what you should pick up the next time you're at the book store.
I grabbed The Confidence Factor after hearing about it on Beautycrush a few months ago.  I wouldn't say I'm huge on "self-help" books in general but this one grabbed my attention.  I haven't made it all the way through yet but the themes of self-confidence and realizing your self worth are really inspiring.  I look forward to becoming a more powerful version of myself this year.  
This book really has it all.  Wes got this for me for Christmas this year and it's a bit different from your standard photo book.  Better Photo Basics is a comprehensive step by step photography class in a book.  There are examples on every single page to make understanding your camera easier. There are over 100 tutorials on how to properly use your camera to get better photographs.  It's also really great because it is truly simple.  You can start on page one as a complete novice and work your way through until you are an accomplished amateur photographer.  This book is a must for anyone wanting to take their photos to the next level.

YES PLEASE- Amy Poehler
Sorry, but this is more of an 'I can't contain my excitement' pre-review than anything else.  I've flipped through and read bits and pieces but I haven't been able to fully dive in yet.  I just can't wait! It's becoming a bit of a trend for Wes to get me books written by/about funny women in the spotlight (maybe he's sending a message that I need to work harder on being funny...)  Last year it was Tina Fey's BOSSY PANTS and Mindy Kaling's IS EVERYONE HANGING OUT WITHOUT ME? (And Other Concerns) and this year I get the Queen of Pawnee.  I just can't wait to get cozy on the couch with my new girlfriend Amy.
We all know that Questlove is a genius, and this book proves that.  In all honesty, it is a heavier read than I had anticipated.  He kind of has a J.D. Salinger situation going on with his internal thoughts being drawn out onto the paper jumping here, there, and everywhere.  I like the book because you actually feel like you really get to know Questlove, from his musical taste to his personality.  His writing style is more like a diary than anything else which makes it just that much more personal and enjoyable to read. 
Another Christmas gift this year and I couldn't be happier.  Ali remembered hearing me talk about really wanting to get into making homemade pasta and she fully brought the mountain to Mohammed on this one.  Not only did she get me this beautiful book, but she also grabbed me a gorgeous pasta roller and pasta drying rack.  
Now I know this isn't a book book, but cookbooks are just as important and magical.  The Glorious Pasta from Italy has everything you could want: over 50 types of pasta to make, any sauce imaginable, the perfect cheese pairings...I could go on.  As far as I can tell, this really is the Holy Grail of pasta cookbooks.  I'll definitely be posting recipes soon.  

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  1. and what about Gone Girl from your mother?


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