Thursday, February 26, 2015


I know this is an extremely late post, and for that I am sorry.  I really am trying to get better at posting more often and I'm sure that one day I may come close to succeeding at that.  Until then, let's go back in time a couple weeks to when Wes and I decided to take part in Super Museum Sunday.
 For those of you not living in and around the Savannah area, Super Museum Sunday is a glorious day of free admission to all of the museums in town.  I'm assuming the "Super" is a play on the Super Bowl as it takes place around the same time every year.  
I had big dreams of hitting a crazy amount of places in the short 4 hour window that you have to check everything out.  I think I had a list of 26 places that I wanted to see.  On Saturday after showing my charts and maps to Wes, he explained that we should probably highlight the places we really wanted to go as 26 locations was a total pipe dream.  If I had done the math earlier, I would have come to the realization myself that a museum every 9.23 minutes including travel time was a bit unrealistic.  Regardless, after my dreams were shattered and then quickly put back together due to time constraints, we set out on our adventure.  
In total, we made it to nine locations.  I know, I know. You're thinking, "Louisa, that's pathetic.  I could have at least rounded out and gotten ten." And I will tell you, "Fine reader.  Do ten and see if I care.  My feet hurt!  I'll have you know I could have done ten but the museum around the corner from Flannery O'Connor's house locked their gate at 3:55!  There was nothing I could do to stop them."  First up, here are a few photos from the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, the UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium, Wormsloe Historic Site, and Flannery O'Connor's living room.  
 Ships of the Sea Museum courtyard
 A ship -gasp- at the Ships of the Sea Museum
 Lion fish at the UGA Aquarium
A contemplative seahorse at the aquarium
 A school of tiger-zebra hybrid fish at the aquarium (don't quote me on the name, but that's what they look like)
 The 'blue steel' turtle at the aquarium
 The view from the aquarium.  The low country really isn't that bad
A very inquisitive raccoon outside of the aquarium
 Wormsloe Historic Site

Flannery O'Connor's living room.  

We saw more, but like I said before it was 3:55 and we were rushing, there were attempts at taking pictures while running, but I will spare you.  I'll have a second post up later this week with the rest of what we got to check out that super Super Sunday.  If you're in the area, I really would suggest checking out some of the museums and historic places Savannah has on deck.  

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