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Continuing on with the rest of the museum visits, here are some photos from the Savannah History Museum, the SCAD Museum of Art and the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences.  Below is a mural of Savannah right when you head into the Savannah History Museum.  The Railroad Museum and the Savannah Children's Museum are both connected to the History Museum as well, so it's nice to be able to see all three if you have the time.  It was also nice to put a bench to a memory as the Forrest Gump bench is kept there.  
Right around the corner from the History Museum is the SCAD Museum of Art.  As much as I complain about what SCAD does to traffic and how long I have to wait for coffee when they are in session, I can only say great things about what they put on display at the MoA.  The building itself is a pretty great display, if not a bit deceiving from the outside.  It is so much smaller than I would have thought! Either way, it was really awesome.  It was pretty packed so we really didn't get to see as much as we wanted, but I spent a good amount of time looking at everything done by Nari Ward.  It was all so intricate and crazy to think that he took all of this time to find the objects that he wanted to use and then turn them into something completely different.  I'm excited to go back and really get to check out the Oscar de la Renta exhibit in full when The Matriarch comes to visit. 

Nari Ward

Oscar de le Renta

In an alley between SCAD and the Telfair Academy

After SCAD, we headed over to the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences.  If you just want to go to one museum I would have to pick this one overall.  It's overwhelming how beautiful it is on the inside.  This one is deceiving in how large it really is when you get inside.  It's both a tour of the house and the artwork that is inside.  You have dining areas and lounges on display mixed with so many paintings and sculptures.  According to  their website, "In 1875, Alexander’s sister Mary – heir to the family fortune and last to bear the Telfair name – bequeathed the house and its furnishings to the Georgia Historical Society to be opened as a museum. After significant renovation by German-born architect Detlef Lienau, whose adaptations included the addition of the Sculpture Gallery and the Rotunda, the building opened to the public in 1886 as the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences." In addition to Detlef sharing a name with Parks and Rec's favorite retired NBA basketball player, the man knew what he was doing with that renovation.  Another place that I will gladly pay to go back and spend more time in. 

And that's a wrap on Super Museum Sunday.  We did go to the Jepson Center for the Arts as well which puts us at our 9 locations for the day.  We really did have a blast and I think it is a great thing that the Georgia Historical Society puts together every year.  That's a great thing about Savannah.  It is a little city with big city aspirations.  You can always find something to do if you look for it, and if it costs you anything it won't be much.  Our fair city is pretty fair on the wallet as well.  

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