Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I'm not sure where to start, so I'll start by saying STOP READING NOW AND GO TO SANDFLY BAR-B-Q!  Or if you do feel inclined to read on, finish this post quickly then head straight over.  I've spent the last month taking some personal time to try and do a bit of re-centering and just enjoy what 's in front of me. I should have just gone to SANDFLY and gotten a beef brisket sandwich - boom : life centered.  This place is the ultimate experience in mouth-watering barbeque.  No frills, no complications, just amazing food.  

Wes got a pulled pork sandwich with baked beans and a SERVICE BREWING CO. COMPASS ROSE IPA (way to go supporting local breweries).  I decided to try the beef brisket, and baked beans. and we split an order of fries.  Brisket is always a good indicator of what a barbeque joint is really about; good brisket = good everything else .  It can go wrong in so many ways if it isn't treated well.  You can tell the people in the pit over at Sandfly really care about what they are doing.  Hands down best brisket sandwich I have had, bar none.  

Other than the brisket, another amazing thing that made me so happy was the choice of sauces.  Everyone has their favorite - be it mustard or vinegar; sweet or spicy; Carolina, Memphis, or Texas.  I usually like 2 of the 3 on the table but lean heavily towards a Memphis sauce.  The sauces at Sandfly are all true in their bases but every bit as special as the meat itself.  I couldn't decide which of the three to choose from so I had a bit of everything going down the line.  

We went to the original location off of Skidaway out by Isle of Hope, but they just opened up a downtown location on Barnard in the old Streamliner Diner.  This is great news if you are looking to stick around the historic district.  The prices are totally doable, the décor is great,  and the staff gets an  A+.  Bottom line, Sandfly Bar-B-Q is an absolute must if you are in the mood for barbeque and a definite MUST if you want food that makes you feel genuinely happy.


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