Wednesday, July 29, 2015


While we were up in Atlanta for the weekend, I wanted to get some good shots of the skyline.  Having never attempted this before, I asked for some location tips from Atlanta friends.  A little before sunset, Wes and I headed out in search of a good vantage point.  I ended up really liking this location right near the Ikea over near Berkley Park.  There is a lot of new development in that area but the old railroad tracks stand out.  
I think I will make it a point to get a few skyline shots from different locations any time I head up.  Atlanta has one of the prettiest cityscapes down south.  You get the huge city, but everyone knows that the sky is more beautiful in the Southeast (facts).  I won't make you look through hundreds of photos, but I did pick out a few of my favorites from this overpass.


Monday, July 27, 2015


When it comes to taking pictures while I am travelling, I have come to realize that I am just not that great.  I get so wrapped up in all of the activities that my camera rarely comes out of it's bag.  I tried as best as I could over the weekend to change that bad habit.  I think this was the first trip that I really didn't have any inhibitions when it came to where or when I took a photo.  If i liked it, I got it on camera.  
This weekend was like all other Atlanta weekends, driving up late on Friday, stopping for Nu-way Weiners in Macon, immediately falling asleep upon arrival, and packing in as much as possible on Saturday and Sunday morning before heading home.  Here are some snaps I took along the way.  Enjoy!
My new friend Jomax at our first stop out in Metter, GA.  You can visit him at Jomax BBQ right off the main exit on I-16.  I'm not sure if everything is "better in Metter", but this barbecue spot didn't look too bad at all.  

An obligatory shot of the dogs at NU-WAY.  Maybe they don't look mouth watering to some, but trust me.  Don't knock it until you try it guys. Oprah even loves the place!  The big O never steered any of us wrong.
After making it to Atlanta and getting a nights rest we started our Saturday at CRIMINAL RECORDS in Little Five Points.  Records, cassettes, comic books, a stage, and an amazing Kiss pinball machine are all there for your enjoyment.  A great place to get lost for an hour or 2 if you're in the area.
We decided to stop for lunch at the new-ish ATLANTA FOOD TRUCK PARK.  On busy days they've got up to 15 different trucks to choose from, live music, and ample seating.  We went for some empanadas and arepas with these uhhhh-mazing garlic and corn dipping sauces.  I will figure out how to make the sweet corn sauce if it's the last thing I do.  They post which trucks are going to be at the park on their Facebook page so make sure to take a look before heading down to plan out your attack.  I really wish Savannah jumped on this trend, food out of a truck just tastes better!

After lunch we took a tour of one of Wes' favorite breweries out in Marietta.  RED HARE BREWING is a microbrewery that opened in 2011.  For $10 you get a pint glass, tasting, and tour of the brewery.  They've got corn hole and bocce ball out front and live music on the weekends.

Topping off our Saturday night we headed out to Buford Highway and grabbed dinner at PANCHO'S MEXICAN RESTAURANT.  These guys had a six piece mariachi band going all out throughout the restaurant.  We had a great time taking in that festive atmosphere and some seriously good mexican food.  It was too hot that Saturday, but they have a really nice back patio for dinner on a cooler night.
We could't finish our drive on 16 without stopping for some fresh peaches.  Just one of the benefits of living down here - you're never too far from a roadside fruit stand.  I'll be back later this week with another post on some great city views from our trip to Atlanta.  And be on the lookout for upcoming posts on a girls trip to Asheville, NC as well.  Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


As you may have read earlier, last week was Wes' birthday.  He likes to spend his free time outside so we had a beach day planned out with his mother as well as a morning kayaking trip out on Wilmington Island.  We've never rented kayaks in all of the time we have lived in Savannah, so Wes's birthday seemed like the perfect time to try that out. 
The weather was perfect for our beach day on Saturday and there weren't too many people at North Beach.  We usually spend our time on the opposite end of Tybee when we go out so it was a nice change of pace and good to find a new spot.  I like getting to hang out down by the lighthouse.
The next morning we got up bright and early to head out on our kayaking adventure over at HOGAN'S MARINA just across the bridge on Wilmington Island.  After a Saturday at the beach less than 24 hours prior, we came prepared with plenty of sunscreen and water.  It gets bright and hot very fast down here; that's for sure.  We sorted out the heat pretty quickly by taking cover under docks when we needed a break. The area was absolutely gorgeous and so peaceful in the early morning; boats were only starting to head out when we were finishing up.  Wes and I are excited to head out to different areas to kayak and explore this summer. It's really nice to get a view from the other side every once in a while to remind me of the beauty.


Friday, July 17, 2015


This past weekend was a very special one as it was my dear Wesley's birthday.  His mom was in town for the occasion which made it extremely special.  As she trolleyed around the city, Wes and I fasted at work.  By dinner time we were all sufficiently starving.  After hearing great things from friends we decided to try out Treylor Park for the first time - I know, I know we're wayyy late on that one - but we were really glad we finally did.  We had a great time enjoying dinner in the beer garden out back.

We kind of shared a bit of everything from each  others'  plates  to get a better idea of what Treylor Park has to offer.   I've  got  to  say  that the PB & J chicken wings were my runaway favorite.  This may come as a surprise, but I  honestly don't spend all too much of my downtime thinking about crazy chicken wing  combinations that I would like to try.  That being said, the few times I have daydreamed about sriracha honey sesame  fire  wings  and the like, neither peanut butter or jelly came to mind as a winner  for  a  drummette's perfect pairing.  For that I am truly ashamed, because these  were  RIDICULOUSLY  GOOD!   These wings came out super fresh from the fryer and dripping with their peanut butter sauce.  The peach jam comes on the side so you can add as much or as little as you like.  I went  for  it  being that I love my condiments.  I can tell you I will never look at a PB&J sammie the same way again.
For our mains, Wes got the Chupacabra burrito with eggs, sausage, onions, peppers, and a very spicy sauce on top; Mrs. Norvell got the Southern Sloppy Joe with venison and fried banana peppers, and I got the Treylor Park Nachos Grande because I obviously hate myself.  Those nachos were massive!  Yes, they were awesome, but there's no way those are meant for one person.  I'm just glad we all shared our plates because that was a terrifying mountain of spuds I was facing down.  The Sloppy Joe was definitely a winner as well.  Memories from summer camp for sure, but much better tasting.  The Chupacabra was a great breakfast  burrito to really wake you up; tons of heat and everything was cooked extremely well.  

Also on the menu is a huge list of house made cocktails and plenty of beer options for everyone.  The atmosphere inside seemed a bit loud, but if you can find a spot in the beer garden out back, it's a peaceful hideout in downtown Savannah.  Treylor Park is a great place to go try out southern staples with a modern twist. 

And you can't end a proper downtown night without a river view.  We watched the sunset up at Rocks on the River before walking off dinner.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


I'm back with more photos from our trip to Philadelphia.  Looking back through all of these pictures just makes me so happy.  Being able to spend quality time with everyone was such a treat and the weather couldn't have been better.  We went out to play some golf (some much better than others.  Others would be me) and we got to go to a Phillies game before we left.  Check out the pictures below to see what we were up to for a few days!

The love that the Williams family has for one another is strong.  Here you see one of us (might be my sweet sister) showing great love for dear Bub on her birthday weekend.
After an attempt or two with a driver and the same amount of huge divots made in the grass, I figured I would stick to taking pictures.

After everyone else wore themselves out at the driving range we headed over to the putting green for a little team competition.
Proof that while I cannot hit long distance to save my life, I am basically a pro at putting.  My sisters boyfriend John and I took the win in the team putting contest.  I will carry those bragging rights with me for the next ten years for sure, maybe fifteen.  Not only are we champions at bullying my sister Ali, we are also champions at organized sports.
Final day in Philly and perfect weather to catch a Phillies game and squeeze in one last cheesesteak.
I was ecstatic to be able to see the Phillie Phanatic over at the gift shop - only a little bummed that it was just the statue version. 
That was until the real deal came up to dance with Bubba for her birthday!  Look at them boogy down together.  Have you ever seen a happier dancing pair?  
The Phanatic and Bub: Best friends forever.

An amazing view to send us off after an awesome weekend with family celebrating a wonderful woman who we all love.  
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