Wednesday, July 22, 2015


As you may have read earlier, last week was Wes' birthday.  He likes to spend his free time outside so we had a beach day planned out with his mother as well as a morning kayaking trip out on Wilmington Island.  We've never rented kayaks in all of the time we have lived in Savannah, so Wes's birthday seemed like the perfect time to try that out. 
The weather was perfect for our beach day on Saturday and there weren't too many people at North Beach.  We usually spend our time on the opposite end of Tybee when we go out so it was a nice change of pace and good to find a new spot.  I like getting to hang out down by the lighthouse.
The next morning we got up bright and early to head out on our kayaking adventure over at HOGAN'S MARINA just across the bridge on Wilmington Island.  After a Saturday at the beach less than 24 hours prior, we came prepared with plenty of sunscreen and water.  It gets bright and hot very fast down here; that's for sure.  We sorted out the heat pretty quickly by taking cover under docks when we needed a break. The area was absolutely gorgeous and so peaceful in the early morning; boats were only starting to head out when we were finishing up.  Wes and I are excited to head out to different areas to kayak and explore this summer. It's really nice to get a view from the other side every once in a while to remind me of the beauty.


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