Wednesday, August 26, 2015


2015 seems to be the year of the restaurant here in Savannah.  We have had some seriously heavy hitters come into the area and they are taking our once standardized southern food scene and elevating it.  One such place is THE COLLINS QUARTER. Located downtown on the corner of Bull and Oglethorpe, The Collins Quarter seems to have been busy from day one.  After getting breakfast there over the weekend I can see why.  
My friend Caila and I decided to go try it out for Saturday breakfast.  At 9:30 we were able to get a table, but quickly after we arrived the place filled up so make sure you arrive early or be prepared to wait.  For once in my life I wasn't overwhelmed by the menu which was a huge relief.  I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of menu items and that it wasn't just 'eggs-meat-toast' presented 15 different ways.  While the menu isn't overwhelming, there is a great variety to choose from whether you've got a sweet tooth or you crave the savory. 
Being that we were enjoying a girls morning out, we both decided to get cocktails to go along with our coffee and eggs.  Caila had the Bondi Sunrise Mimosa and I enjoyed the Drunken Berry Mimosa.  They've got an extensive drink menu, both alcoholic and non, favoring the coffee lover with a full page of menu items from their ESPRESSO BAR

For the breakfast, Caila had the Biscuits and Gravy and I chose Leo's Aussie Breakkie. One thing that I really enjoyed was the chorizo sausage with my breakfast as opposed to standard breakfast sausage.  I had more than enough on my plate and they even served it with a nice little salad to trick me into thinking that I was eating a somewhat health-concious meal.  Caila also loved her biscuits and gravy, although she was a bit jealous of my chorizo - hers came with chicken sausage instead.  The meal was really delicious and the interior of The Collins Quarter just made me want to stay and hang out all day long.  

While the price points are higher than some other breakfast spots in town, the setting, service, and quality of the food completely made me fine with the price.  What I look forward to trying next is their walk-up window directly to the right of the main entrance.  If you don't have time for a sit down, you can still get an amazing coffee to take on a stroll through the squares of Savannah.  I will be heading back as soon as I can, possibly making this my new Saturday morning tradition.  


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