Tuesday, August 18, 2015


After an amazing vacation with my mom and sister, I am finally finished editing all of the photos to share with you, and I'm really excited!  We decided almost a year ago that we wanted to go on a girl's trip at some point and after looking around all of us thought Asheville would be a great location.  The destination wasn't too far, and allowed us to all drive together rather than needing to fly.  Mom picked out the GROVE PARK INN which was absolutely amazing. After plenty of planning, scoping out dozens of restaurants and countless activities, we had our trip planned. Now here I sit after a whirlwind vacation trying to type our memories into a post. 
I decided to split the posts up into days because there is just so much to show you all and I don't want to skip out on too much.  You can look forward to 4 days of posts on our little Asheville adventure with as much information on all of the places we visited as possible.  I will try to link all of the places we went to so you can just click on any of the names and they will take you to the individual sites where available.  Now let's go ahead and jump in!
After the drive - made complete with our matching shirts for the girl's weekend - we got to the Grove Park Inn.  Ali and Mom headed off to their respective pampering sessions for the afternoon.  The hotel is known for their spa and that was definitely factored into our plans for the trip.  Since I didn't have anything planned that day I decided to explore the property and take in the views.  You can't get too much different from the low country of Savannah than the lush mountains of Asheville.  

 Since Ali and Mom were wrapped up for most of the afternoon we planned to stay at the hotel for the evening and stay in for dinner.  The Grove Park Inn has been around for over 100 years and has several different restaurants and bars to choose from.  Wanting to continue taking in the breathtaking sights, we had cocktails at the EDISON which had a great sunset view and then had dinner over at SUNSET TERRACE.  

Our cocktail view was amazing and I'm glad we stopped over prior to dinner.  Although we had made our reservations for prime sunset watching time, those who had earlier reservations at SUNSET TERRACE lingered until after the sun set, which was the only negative to that meal.  Our server was a total sweetheart and our dinners were all amazing.  Mom and Ali both went with the bone-in rib-eye and I chose the scallops.  Since it was so dark, I could only manipulate the natural candlelight that I had to take a picture of my scallops but I can promise you everything was delicious.  
After dinner we all decided to turn in early for the night.  Our itinerary for the vacation was packed and we didn't want to miss out on anything.  Day 2 was completely packed with planned and unplanned adventures for all of us and I have plenty of pictures to share with you later this week.  Make sure to check back for that post on Thursday!

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