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For our second day in Asheville we wanted to make sure and take advantage of what the city had to offer outside of a beautiful view.  Since it was Saturday we decided to check out a local farmer's market close to downtown and then get lunch in the RIVER ARTS DISTRICT.  We had planned our lunch and visiting galleries, but left some open time in case anything caught our eye.  
These two looking ready to hit the town after a nice breakfast and walk around the Inn. 
Fresh flowers and produce at THE ASHEVILLE CITY MARKET held every Saturday from 8am until noon.  The market was a good size with options from fresh produce, ready made foods and meats, to jewelry, flowers and preserves.  
We had planned to head straight out to the River Arts District after the City Market, but Ali thought we should try to take a drive through the city center before heading in the other direction.  In full swing downtown was the first day of a two-day music and arts festival.  THE LEAF FESTIVAL promotes the non-profit organization by the same name working towards building the community with music and arts.  
The festival was free and open to the public with 3 music stages, food trucks, and local vendors throughout the streets that it blocked off.  Clutch call made by Ali to swing through downtown.  We had a great time talking to local artists and perusing all of the different tents. 

After enjoying the live music and picking up some souvenirs along the way, we continued on to the RIVER ARTS DISTRICT to see all of the different artists and also to get lunch at THE WHITE DUCK TACO SHOP.  When researching Asheville online in preparation for our trip, White Duck Taco Shop kept popping up as a must-do on all of my restaurant lists.  I am so happy for all of that internet advice because it was delicious!  There are two locations, one downtown and one in the arts district.  The arts district location is mostly outside seating with a smaller indoor section.  Walk up to order, take your number, magical tacos are delivered in minutes.  Very simple procedure.  The menu was really creative and had something for everyone.  I heard great things before going, we enjoyed a great meal while we were there, and I have heard great things since.  Definitely gets an A+ for mellow lunch spots in Asheville when you need a taco fix.

In case you find yourself at the White Duck Taco Shop, I would suggest getting one - or all - off the following: 
- Nachos with the salsa trio
-Korean Beef Bulgogi Taco
-Chilled Lump Crab Taco with Old Bay Remoulade
-BBQ Carnitas Taco
-Mole Roasted Duck Taco with an Apple Cranberry Slaw
-Crisp Chicken BLT Taco *so what if it's on the kid's menu?
We walked off lunch around the area, meandering through the different studios and wandering around outside.  We enjoyed waving to all of the tubers for a minute or two as well.  I was amazed with how many people were out on the river and will be adding that to the to-do list for my next trip to Asheville.

After a postcard worthy Asheville day, we closed it out with dinner at THE LOBSTER TRAP.  Completely unsuspecting from the outside, walk in and you are sitting in a lobster house up in Maine.  Our server Katie gave us the royal treatment - we would later find out that after 7 years serving at The Lobster Trap we would be her very last table as she was promoted to FOH Manager and would be taking over the following day - and made sure we were filled in on the menu and enjoyed everything we got.  She was even a Pawley's native, not too far from our starting points down in the low country.  
A bit of a note about my family: we have spent many summers in Maine and love some good lobster.  I think we may think that is special, but writing this I realize that this is untrue.  Save for a few poor souls who have a shellfish allergy, I do not think we are special.  Everyone loves lobster because it's lobster, duh.  Ali got a grilled lobby because she's fancy.  Mom and I both got lobster rolls because we are traditionalists and by traditionalists I mean lazy.  We all shared the lobster mac and cheese.  Aside from the lobster mac and cheese being a little low on the lobster and the cheese, our dinner was super awesome and I have put in an application to live in their kitchen.

With day 2 successfully under our belts and lobster in our bellies, we headed back to the GROVE PARK INN to get some rest for a taxing day 3 - spa treatments.  Let's Go Day 3 will be up early next week so be sure to check back for that.  Thanks for reading!

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