Thursday, October 1, 2015


Welcome to the newest series on The Outside In, What's Brewing.  With my love for coffee paired with Savannah's love for coffee shops, I felt that this was a natural series to do and I am so stoked to do it.  I will be stopping by different coffee shops around town for a drink and maybe a snack to see who has what in our port city.  
First on my list is THE FLORENCE.  Mostly because I have heard such great things over the past few months but also because I haven't made my way down the block to take a look at the property myself.  Wes and I headed over Saturday morning hungry and ready for some caffeine, fully prepped for our morning adventure.
After ringing the bell and waiting for Michael-our barista fairy-to arrive I ordered an iced chai latte with a chocolate croissant.  Wes got an americano with a bacon and cheese croissant.  While we were waiting for our order I asked Michael if I could take some photos for my blog.  Not only did he oblige, but he invited me over to the restaurant side of the building to take some photos of him shooting freshly baked bread that he was photographing for the restaurant.
After we set our breakfast down, we followed Michael to the restaurant and I just snapped a quick shot or two of him looking far more skilled and professional than me taking pictures of perfectly placed breads getting that amazing shot.  Getting to peak into the Florence before service was really great and has me so excited to come back for dinner soon.  
Not wanting our food to get too cold, we headed back to the coffee shop and settled down on the patio out front for the best croissants I have had in Savannah.  The flakiest and most buttery, heavenly croissants I've enjoyed in Savannah and quite possibly anywhere else.  I have never been to France, but I'm guessing these would be right at home in Paris.
Wes was also in love with his croissant, going for the savory rather than sweet.  Our drinks were perfectly on point as well.  My iced chai is the perfect drink to take to go and wander around THE STARLAND DISTRICT for a nice day of shopping.
The other bits that I really loved were the southern cookbooks and artwork on the walls.  They keep the decor so simple that what is on the walls really stands out.  You can pick up a cookbook from Hugh Acheson, the owner of The Florence, who opened shop in Savannah after opening three successful restaurants in Athens, GA.
I will definitely be back again and again, and I can't wait to grab dinner at The Florence in the near future as well.  Another successful addition to The Starland District that makes me delighted to live in this neighborhood.


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