Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Somewhere around Shreveport, Louisiana, Wes and I decided that if we were going to make this road trip as fun as possible we should probably detour down to Roswell, New Mexico to take a look at what makes the small town so famous - aliens.  After a fun tour of the Roswell UFO Museum we walked down to Area 51 - a storefront that has an entire back room filled with alien photo ops - to take some fun pictures.  Take a look below at what Area 51 had to offer.  I would definitely suggest stopping by if you somehow find yourself in the small town that was home of the Roswell Incident back in the summer of 1947.
 A quick stop at the bar
 Patiently waiting to make a call
 Sharing breakfast and coffee with a nice couple
 Wes hanging out with his new buds
 A quick nap in the living room
 The grill master
 I'm quite impressed with my parking skills
 A thoughtful moment of gazing at this lovely couple
 Back to the bar
 Sharing a soda in the clothing optional diner
 I think he preferred Wes' cooking skills

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