Monday, February 15, 2016


Let's Eat is back with Part 7 in the series and first up in Atlanta is SHAKE SHACK.  Wes and I have been craving In-N-Out lately and since that obviously isn't an option down here in the Southeast we thought we would try out a different praised burger chain.  Being that there is only one Shake Shack in Atlanta, the place was busy.  We stopped in around 3:00 on a Saturday and there was a line to the door.  I can only imagine what it looks like in here at noon.  It's also located at THE SHOPS AT BUCKHEAD, so be prepared to eat a good meal and then window shop at Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Tom Ford and other high end retailers.  Anyhoo....
I'll jump right in with the overall thoughts.  Shake Shack has a damn good burger, there is no arguing that fact.  When we got inside, we were able to look over the simple menu and make our picks.  Wes got a double shack burger with a vanilla malt.  I got a single shack burger with a fifty/fifty (half "shack-made" lemonade, half "organic fresh brewed" iced tea) and we split and order of crinkle cut cheese fries.  

Now, about this damn good burger.  Being that I got the single and Wes got the double we got to really see what you get for your money.  For comparison's sake, at Five Guys - which prides itself equally as much as Shake Shack does about their fresh ingredients and never using day-old product - a single cheeseburger is $4.49 and a double is $6.19.  At Shake Shack, the single is $5.29 and the double is $8.09.   The Shake Shack burgers were considerably smaller than Five Guys or even In-N-Out (not even going to go into In-N-Out's prices because they blow both competitors out of the water with quantity AND quality for the price).  I guess my point is that while these burgers really are extremely tasty, the cost just seems a bit steep for the competition.  
Rant over, now back to what's really important - the food.  The burgers were wonderful, and the ShackSauce needs to be added onto everything I eat moving forward, no exceptions.  Wes especially liked that the patty was smashed on the flat top.  Other notable quotes from dear Wesley, "the cheese was good, the bun was... a bun, the lettuce and tomato were on par, the grease level was moderate which is a good thing.  10 out of 10, would eat again".  I think what was most important to him was the consistency of his malt. "The temperature of the malt made it so that I could drink it with my burger, rather than having to wait for a too-cold shake to melt".  What can I say?  This guy gets deep when thinking about his meals.  The cheese fries were top notch in both of our opinions, which is pretty surprising since neither one of us would choose crinkle cut fries over almost any other type of fry.  The only part of the meal I wasn't impressed with was the fifty/fifty.  They take the time to note that the lemonade is shack-made and the tea is organic and fresh brewed.  To me it tasted like a very watered down Arnold Palmer.  It tasted more like an even ratio of lemonade, tea, and water.  I'd opt for a water next time, save more room for the heavenly burger and fries.  And that ShackSauce...oh that ShackSauce...
A perfect shake consistency, and a plane jane fifty/fifty

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