Thursday, July 28, 2016


Since we moved to Atlanta, there hasn't been a weekend when we have been left with nothing to do.  There are endless options of activities inside, outside, for free and to break the bank - it can get overwhelming.  One of our go to's is always checking out ATLANTA TRAILS website to see what weekend hikes we want to check out.  On a lazy Saturday, ARABIA MOUNTAIN seemed pretty perfect being that it's only 1.5 miles of set trail and we could branch off and make it longer if we felt like it. 
The 360 degree views from the top of the short hike are pretty amazing in the morning and the fresh air makes it feel like your a lot farther away from a city than you actually are.  We started out heading for the summit and then wandered down to the lake where people were fishing and getting some sun.  There is a nice little parked path around the lake and back to the start of the hike and parking.  It's a perfect morning hike to get your weekend started and legs stretched out - and it would be a perfect picnic spot!  Let me know if you check it out, or if you have any go to trails that I need to check out!

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